Affordable housing

Prioritize people and our community over profits.


We must:

Address the rising cost of living in Olympia and rising rental rates. Incentivize developers to build real affordable housing units without drastic rental increases, which often make homes unaffordable and lead to evictions.


Prioritize the most vulnerable people in our community by providing diverse housing options. Continue to pursue housing diversity through the legal process and amend any existing barriers such as zoning and restriction ordinances to build a variety of housing options in the community.



In local government, racial disparities permeate housing, schools, law enforcement, and the courts.


We must:

Propose and enact policies that consider the issue of racism, using an equity lens to address systemic problems, which are barriers for various members of our community.

Take bold action and commit to systemic transformation within ourselves and our local government.

Use an equity lens- Intentionally and intellectually acknowledging disproportionate impacts that harm marginalized individuals in our community to end the affliction of harmful and neglectful policies.

Continue standing with the Black Lives Matter movement and make a clear distinction between fringe groups and those with a mission to wreak havoc in our community.

Acknowledge the reality of systemic racism and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our City’s comprehensive plan.


Support Olympia’s Social Justice & Equity Advisory Commission to improve Olympia’s standing on issues of justice, equity, and fairness.


Appoint people of diverse backgrounds and life experiences to our City’s boards, commissions, and advisory groups.


Environmental Justice

We are one race and we only have one planet.


We must:

Continue to combat climate change at the local level.

Continue advocating for renewable energy sources.

Increase educational outreach for proper trash, recycling, and compost disposal.

Prepare for one of the most threatening disasters to our downtown area, sea-level rise.

Acknowledge that people of color are not only victims who are disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis, we must realize that we can be part of the solution as well by appointing us to relevant positions and employing people of color in renewable energy jobs.

Support the goals and implementation of the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Public Safety

Reform the Olympia Police department through education, training, justice, and accountability.


We must:

Continue the fight towards ending systemic racism and injustice within our police and criminal justice systems.

Allocate funding for body cameras for police officers. Body cameras provide another level of transparency and accountability in policing, which is lacking in our community.

Support local and state legislation to end the open carrying of firearms to intimidate demonstrators and officials at protests and rallies.


Adequately fund social services, mental health, and addiction programs.

Ensure firefighters and first responders receive adequate funding for training, equipment, and workplace safety. First responders often deploy to homeless encampments and they play a crucial role in public safety and emergency response.

Work to expand the City’s Crisis Response Unit to address the needs of our residents struggling from complications with mental health and/or addiction.

Work with the state government to end political violence and extremism in the streets of Olympia.


Economic Recovery

Olympia’s small businesses are the backbone of our city's economy.


We must:

Continue providing substantial COVID relief for small businesses, particularly minority and women owned businesses, who are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rent stabilization for commercial tenants so their businesses remain operational.

Preparedness & Prevention Plan: ensuring Olympia is ready for the next economic threat, which could be an environmental or natural disaster.


Homeless/ Houselessness

Poverty, rising rents, cost of living, addiction, mental illness and much more intersects with our homeless/ houselessness crisis. It not only affects Olympia or Thurston County, but it is largely a statewide and national crisis. Local governments in Washington have been resourceful and creative in their efforts to provide shelter and resources to unhoused individuals.


We must:

Continue to petition the county, state, and federal governments to make sheltering our homeless individuals a top priority in their budgets so we can make significant progress. 

Expand transitional and permanent supportive housing to provide shelter and resources and permit local and state government to clean up unmanaged campsites and house our unsheltered residents. 

Take a regional approach by supporting the Thurston County Regional Housing Council’s 5-year plan to address homelessness in our community along with additional regional supportive resources so that houseless individuals can access a variety of services to meet the needs of unhoused individuals in our neighboring cities.