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Olympia is a wonderful place to live and I’m proud to call it home.


Over the last few years, I have noticed subtle and drastic changes to our community. These changes include an increase in homelessness and cost of living, closing of small businesses, and growing concern for public safety, and more. 


Despite these challenges, I have also witnessed our community come together in support of those who are the most impacted and have made it a priority to ensure equity guides our discussions and policy decisions. Olympia is known for being a place that is welcoming to people from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences.  I am running to maintain that reputation and to advocate for the needs of all our residents. 


While there is no one solution to any of our challenges, I believe the best policies are produced with input from community members in collaboration with local government officials. Whether you are from Olympia or recently arrived, I want to hear from you. I would appreciate your support and I hope to earn your vote.  

-  Dontae 

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